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Mindful Soul-utions Workshop on Empathy and Gratitude.


The Mindful Solutions Workshop took place on December 24, 2023 at Faith Hospital for Kids which  proved to be a valuable platform for learning, sharing experiences, and gaining practical tools to promote mindfulness in the lives of children. As we collectively recognize the importance of nurturing the mental well-being of our youngest members, this workshop provided a solid foundation for continued exploration and implementation of mindful solutions.

The workshop commenced with an overview of mindfulness and its benefits for children by Dr. Damanjit Kaur - Consultant Psychiatrist, Faith Hospital. Participants were engaged in brief mindfulness exercises to set a calm and focused tone for the day.

The workshop emphasized building resilience in children through mindfulness. Participants gained insights into how mindfulness contributes to developing coping mechanisms, emotional regulation, and a positive mindset, all crucial components of resilience and gratitude.


The team of Faith Hospital- Dr. Damanjit Kaur, Anjali Gulati, Shefali Bhardwaj and Garima Mahajan delved  into the unique needs of children in different age groups. This segment explored age-appropriate mindfulness techniques tailored to address specific challenges, such as attention difficulties, emotional regulation, and social interactions.


Attendees expressed enthusiasm for the practical nature of the workshop, praising the hands-on activities and the applicability of the techniques presented. Many highlighted the value of understanding the developmental nuances in implementing mindfulness with various age groups.

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