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Holding Hands


Almost everyone could use some guidance at some point in their lives. Navigating the challenges of life alone can be daunting, whether we are facing a major life-changing event or simply dealing with daily stresses. Everyone can gain the support they need to make it through life through the counseling services provided by best psychiatrist in Chandigarh - Faith Hospital.

Changing the Narrative on Mental Health


It is unfortunate that society still stigmatizes mental health and mental health management today. It is common for many people who could benefit from counseling to avoid it for fear of judgment and ridicule from family, friends, and peers. We at Faith Hospital are here to end this stigma and to rewrite mental health's narrative. Having extra guidance and support is beneficial to everyone, and we strongly believe everybody can benefit from therapy. Our mental health professionals are committed to helping every person live their best lives.


Faith Hospital provides a comprehensive array of counseling services so our patients can receive the assistance they need. We realize that the two cases are never the same, so we adopt different approaches for different situations.


To offer our patients these options, we do the following:


Family issues sometimes require the assistance of a third party who can provide objective guidance. Families may confront problems in an effective and respectful manner through family counseling sessions.

Family Time
Taking Notes


An individual counseling session is the best option for those who wish to speak with a therapist one-on-one. Faith Hospital is a safe and welcoming place where you're empowered to share freely about your problems and struggles. After discussing your symptoms with your counselor, you can determine which coping skills and tools are needed to deal with conditions such as disruptive mood dysregulation disorder, PTSD, Bipolar Disorder etc.


There are several benefits to attending group counseling. As a participant, you will learn how to improve your own situation from the experiences of others. During your time at Faith Hospital, you will make new friends that can help you in the future.

Support Group
Couple at Home


Patients under the age of 18 require a separate approach from those over the age of 18. They require counseling that does not cover more mature topics since they lack life experience.


It is unique that first responders are exposed to life-threatening situations on a daily basis. Providing health professionals with counseling helps them cope with the stress and trauma associated with their jobs.


Faith Hospital is happy to assist with any issue no matter how big or small. Every patient has a unique problem, a unique situation, and a unique circumstance that our therapists can help with as they tackle these. Get help from a professional now and overcome the stigma associated with mental health.

A broken heart or an unhappy soul can be healed by faith, hope, and optimism. Even the tiniest seed of faith combined with belief can result in miracles according to our best Psychiatrist in Chandigarh.

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