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Faith Hospital in collaboration with Senior Citizens Council, Panchkula


Faith Hospital in collaboration with Senior Citizens Council, Panchkula successfully hosted an event addressing the mental health concerns of the elderly. The initiative, took place on October 20th , 2023 and over 100 people were addressed and the talk was aimed to raise awareness, provide practical tools, and foster a supportive community for seniors.


Dr. Damanjit Kaur (Consultant Psychiatrist) along with her team addressed the mental help concerns of elderly. As people of 60 years and  above, almost 15% of this population is suffering from mental health problem. As per the study in 2021, almost 20-25% of elderly people are suffering from clinical depression and 15%- 20%of people  are suffering from anxiety. It was also brought into consideration that mental health issues are generally misdiagnosed because of the stigma and also these are generalised or projected onto the age factor.


Amidst the talk and active discussion between the team and the elderly population, the major concern was Insomnia. Many people reported difficulties in onset and sustainability of the sleep as well as reported decreased quality of sleep. Dr. Damanjit psycho-educated about Insomnia and explained sleep hygiene.


Ms. Anjali Gulati (Chief Psychologist) alongwith Ms. Sehajta (Psychologist) performed guided imagery, activities for enhancing cognitive ability and certain relaxation techniques were taught tp  the concerned population.


The concerns were acknowledged and addressed during the session. Dr. Damanjit discussed the medical Comorbidities with the mental illness. Tips and ways to cope up with the mental health issues were discussed. Acknowledging the issues and seeking help , promoting the culture of positive ageing was inculcated as mental health is as important as physical health.Together, the team taken a significant step toward fostering a community that values and prioritizes the mental well-being of our elderly members.

The team remains dedicated to creating an inclusive and compassionate environment for individuals of all ages

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