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Alcohol/Drug Deaddiction

There is an increase in drug and behavioral addiction. There is often ambivalence associated with addiction, as well as feelings of guilt and shame. The first step toward change and rehabilitation is accepting that you have a problem.


If you think you might have an addiction problem, you are encouraged to seek consulting, in which your motivation for changee will be evaluated.  The treatment of every individual is based on compassion, kindness, warmth, and consideration for their needs.


The doctor has extensive experience in assessing and treating chemical and drug addiction (such as alcoholism, smoking, opioid use, stimulants, etc.) as well as behavioral addictions (such as computer games, sexual behavior, social media, chat groups, gaming addiction, gambling addiction, etc.).

There are both harm reduction and abstinence programs available. Among the possible treatment options are medication, Cue exposure therapy, Cognitive behavioural therapy,  Mindfulness therapy, and Counseling. 


De-addiction programs are provided on an outpatient basis, but sometimes hospitalization is required for thorough and safe detoxification. Admission can be arranged and monitored by the doctor.

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