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Depression is common during Pandemic Days but Curable

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Dr. Damanjit Kaur (MD Psychiatry)

It has been difficult times because of environmental factors that have not only worsened anxiety and uncertainty, but have also distorted our lives in such a way our daily routines that used to give us satisfaction and joy but this anti-social life has brought depression. Our natural ways of connecting socially, vacationing, recharging, and exercising have been changed during the pandemic.

Everyone has been impacted emotionally by COVID-19 in ways that have negative effects on our mental health. If you are experiencing the following symptoms, you may wish to seek professional assistance.

· Mood or feelings of prolonged sadness

· Sleep or appetite problems; fatigue / loss of energy

· Loss of interest in formerly pleasurable activities

· Irritability or increased anger

· Cognitive changes (decreased concentration or memory)

· Increased anxiety that influences your ability to function

· Generally feeling poorly/ somatic problems

Depression is a curable illness that includes identification at first stage and treating it by understanding different factors that caused it. We do not ask how or why, we believe in talking and understanding. Evidence-based treatments are practiced through whatsapp call.

Through regular sessions one can feel lighter in thoughts and will start taking the situation positively.

Dr. Damanjit Kaur

(MD Psychiatry)

Faith Hospital, Chandigarh

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